About Us

We are Julia & Nathan, a couple who currently call Belfast, Northern Ireland home. We both grew up in this wee country, and are quite fond of the place.
The idea for Belfast Bathing Co. came to us in a fit of boredom during one of the many (many, many, many) pandemic lockdowns when we eventually got bored of watching tv. Julia, having always been a somewhat crafty creature, decided to finally try out the Valentine's Day present (from a few years prior) of bath bomb moulds from the back of the cupboard.

It was much harder than it looked.. there was fizzing, there was flattening, there were F bombs flying! It was at this pivotal point that a close friend decided to say 'they make bathbomb kits for kids, why are you struggling so much??' - which just about pushed perfectionist Nathan over the edge. So we practised, and practised, and practised some more.. and are now proud to be able to say that we are indeed makers of the finest (ok we are biased...) bath products the province has ever seen! 

We specialise in bath bombs, but will continue to expand our product range to include even more blissful bathing bits & bobs.

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We wanted to capture the quirks that make our wee country class, so we've created a brand that incorporates many of our landmarks & sayings.


We know we're not the only ones who are often confused by the ingredients in cosmetics, and we wanted to avoid this as much as possible in our brand. We are also all too aware of the effect that synthetic ingredients can have on our wonderful skin, as well as on our wonderful environment - which is why we try to keep things as natural as possible.


Now more than ever we all appreciate the importance of shopping local - not least because of the extortionate post-Brexit shipping costs, amirite?! Because of this, we've tried our darndest to source all of our ingredients from British & Irish businesses….the closer to us the better!


Being as environmentally friendly as we can, having as small a carbon footprint as we can, and having the most sustainable packaging as we can, will remain a top priority for as long as we're trading. We know we've a long way to go to be carbon neutral and fully recyclable, but we are committed to doing our part.


Self-care is a total vibe, and we want to provide you with the ultimate accessories for your blissful bath-time.